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Interview of a concept artist from the live-action series
And some of his work non related to the upcoming show
ATTENTION, Cette actualité contient des spoilers !

Un spoiler est une information sur l'histoire d'un film, livre, etc. qui, si le lecteur l'apprenait avant de découvrir le film/livre, gâcherait le plaisir de la surprise. Par exemple, nous considérons ici comme spoiler toute information sur les futurs films Star Wars qui ne soit pas directement prévisible à partir des autres films. Pour plus d'informations sur notre système Anti-Spoiler, notamment comment régler vos paramètres, veuillez lire ce dossier.
I was surfing on and found that three concept artists are already listed as working on the live-action series. As Jonathan Bach's work published on his blog impressed me, I contacted him and he was nice enough to answer a few questions for

Here is the interview:

Could you tell us what you work exactly is?
I am a concept artist and work in many capacities with many different parties in order to bring ideas from words to images. Sometimes I'll work freely in order to provide ideas to a client who is still forming a loose picture of a project, while at other times if a project is further along I'll provide visual solutions to meet specific requirements whether that be from a director, production designer, art director, etc.

How many time did you work with Lucasfilm? What can you say about the Star Wars live-action project?
I was fortunate enough to work for Lucasfilm for about 2 years (until the end of 2009). Working on the show was an incredibly rare and exciting opportunity and I am extremely grateful to have contributed to the deep mythology that is Star Wars. The live-action series is still in development and of course as such I can not give any details. However, I will say that it is quite different than anything that has come before it in the Star Wars universe and will certainly be worth the wait.

Thank you for answering my questions.
Thank you so much to you and the loyal fans that have been following along with the show's development.

Here are some of the concept-arts Jonathan designed. Unfortunately, it is not Star Wars related, but still impressive:
Spoiler: Afficher

Parution : 05/03/2010
Source : Jonathan Bach and me ;)
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